Software App To Help People With Brain Injuries

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Oracast’s team of app developers are in the process of building MoonCEP; a web-based software application that Dr. Christina Limmer will use in her Brain Coaching school to help people of all walks of life re-learn how to use their brain to its full capacity.

What happens when a person’s brain has suffered an injury? Or when a person is faced with Dyslexia? Well, typically that person has a wide variety of societal barriers to face and overcome. A brain injured person may not have the recall or thought process of a healthy brain and will face challenges in getting and maintaining employment, creating healthy relationships, or even may not be able to live on their own.

Unfortunately, people with brain injuries are grossly over-represented in prison populations and homelessness, and often turn to self-medication to ease their suffering. Is there a better way to approach an injured brain? Christina has dedicated over a decade to re-learn how to use her brain, which was severely damaged in an accident, and now spends her time teaching others who suffer from brain injuries or Dyslexia a wide variety of skills that can help them learn how to navigate the world with a brain injury.

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