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We can build an app for that

Develop a mobile app to help increase the online presence of your business or to increase the productivity of your staff in the field. We build cutting edge apps from the ground up; from strategy and design to development and marketing.

iOS & Android App Developers

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Mobile apps can be as simple as presenting basic information to users or they can be very elaborate such as providing GPS capabilities and mapping, online purchases and subscriptions - to integrating with a custom web app or other third party software.

Our experienced mobile app developers work with native technologies such as Swift and the Android SDK in addition to frameworks like Cordova and Ionic. Long story short, our app developers have the necessary skills to take your project across the finish line.

Whether it is a native iOS or Android app, hybrid, or web app we can build the right platform for your mobile initiatives.

How much does an app cost?

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We would love to show you a nice table that had a full list of mobile app prices however it's not that easy. The decision to build a mobile app must be carefully considered and weighed against other options such as building a custom web application. Each app we build is specifically tailored to your needs, therefore it's difficult for us to provide you with an accurate pice without first going through our comprehensive planning process.

That being said, our mobile app prices typically start at $15,000. There are many factors that influence the price such as the amount of features and their complexity, the user experience, does the app need to interact with a backend system, and the list goes on. To begin, let us help you determine if a mobile app is right for your business and from there we'll design an efficient solution that will fit within your budget.

Our process

Kick-Off + Discovery

Every mobile app project starts with a kick-off and discovery phase where our team works together with client stakeholders to identify and understand the vision, goals, objectives, and other important details about the project.


Learn about the client's business, vision, goals and objectives in order to fully understand the project.

Project Brief

Identify the key goals and success factors for the project. Define client information such as the client's target audience(s) and competitors.


Digital Strategy

The success of a mobile app project is largely determined by the strategy. Our development team will analyze all of the information gathered in the discovery phase and use that information to build a winning mobile app strategy.

Project Design Document

Organize information and data that was gathered during the discovery process and use it to create the blueprint of the mobile app. This document includes many detailed items such as features, database design, user experience, workflows and security.

Building a mobile app is similar to building a house; you can't build the house until the blueprint is complete.

Project Plan

Establish timelines, milestones and resources for the mobile app project while providing a clear roadmap to success.

Content Creation Plan

Build the plan around content creation. This is typically a blend of built-in content provided by the client and user generated content from within the mobile app.


Content + Design

Our mobile apps are designed to be vibrant and engaging with maximum impact. A great user experience will have your audience(s) coming back for more.


Collect content from the client that will be used in the mobile app. Creating appropriate content can be a lenghty process and may delay the project if the required content is not delivered on schedule.


From wireframes to design concepts, our team will create vibrant and engaging designs that audiences will love. Our mobile apps are designed for maximum impact.

User Experience

The combination of a mobile app's design, content, and workflows make up the user experience. If your target audience doesn't have a positive experience they will most likely uninstall it.

The mobile app needs to be engaging and simple to use. We accomplish that by using big elements, intuitive navigation, and consistent branding.


Build + Test

Once all of the previous phases are complete our skilled mobile app developers will roll up their sleeves and build the app based on the design specifications. The mobile app is then put through Alpha and Beta test cycles to ensure that the app is robust for launch.


Coding the mobile app based on the Project Design Document and approved Design concepts. Depending on the app, it may be developed natively in iOS, Android, or a hybrid codebase that will allow us to deploy to any mobile app platform.


Once built the mobile app will go through various test cycles to identify and eliminate as many bugs as possible prior to launch. The testing phase will allow the client to experience the app for the first time.


Launch + Support

Publishing the mobile app for the world to see is an exciting time! All of the hard work between the Oracast team and the client has come to fruition, however it's not the end of our relationship. Through reliable support and a commitment to your success we strive to build a long-term relationship.


When the mobile app is ready to launch it is then published to the Apple App Store and/or the Google Play Store for approval. The approval process can sometimes impact launch timelines if adjustments need to be made however it's generally a smooth process.

Once the mobile app has been launched the project will wind down and come to an end while our support and account management teams take over.


Our support team will be ready to fix any post-launch bugs that may be discovered. Furthermore your account manager will be able to work with you on new features and app changes to make your mobile app even better.


Mobile app marketing strategies will need to be implemented in order to build awareness, generate downloads, and stand out amongst your competitors.

Why Hire Us?

why hire Oracast - mobile app development company

We have spent countless hours working on mobile apps throughout their fairly short life-span in the marketplace. Our team has built apps for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. We have experience building apps that take advantage of a device's GPS and location mapping, drawing and image capture, 3rd party API integration, offline data syncing and much more. Whether you require an app that's simple or elaborate, we have the experience to get the job done.

We work with clients of all sizes from start-ups to large corporations and government organizations. Many of the companies that we have worked with from the beginning, back in early 2003, are still with us today because they value our advice, honesty and hard work. We are a Google Partner and accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating.

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