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We build Business-Changing Apps

Whether you're a startup company or a well established business, our web apps and app developers will significantly transform your business and help accomplish your digital goals. Do you think it's possible to increase profits, decrease costs and improve your operational efficiency all at the same time? It certainly is and it's what we do.

Expert Team of Web App Developers

web application developers

A well designed web application can take your business to the next level by transforming your current workforce operations into a well-managed software tool that is secure, scalable, easy to use and simply amazing. Furthermore you have the ability to integrate your web app with a custom built mobile app.

Many of our customers, to this day, can't believe how much their app has changed their business.

Streamline your workforce tasks and business processes so that they are easier to perform, the data is centrally managed in a database, and your ability to generate reports will become an instant click - without human error!

Here are but a few examples of features that our web app developers can build into your very own platform:

  • - Workforce & field automation
  • - Project management & task assignment
  • - Time ticket tracking & management
  • - Invoice generation, tracking & management
  • - Analytics reporting including charts and graphs
  • - Mobile app integration
  • - And so much more!

If you're the kind of person who is always looking for a competitive edge, you found it. We can help you digitally transform your business.

How Much Does A Web App Cost?

web application prices

The price of a web application depends on various factors such as the time required for accurate planning, identifying features, the scope of each feature, development time, testing, launching the application, training your staff and project management. Since each web app is unique and designed around your business needs, it's impossible to provide a specific price on an app without first conducting some preliminary analysis. That being said our apps typically start at $20,000 and go up from there.

Knowing your budget is important to us because we want to build you an app that fits within your budget (go figure!), however not all clients have the budget to immediately turn their vision into a reality. Depending on your business requirements and the scope of your project, we may need to plan to include only the core features in a phase 1 release of the app so that it fits within your initial budget, and schedule the additional features to be included in a later phase. This is very common and an approach we highly encourage.

Our process

Kick-Off + Discovery

Every web app project starts with a kick-off and discovery phase where our team works together with client stakeholders to identify and understand the vision, goals, objectives, and other important details about the project.


Learn about the client's business, vision, goals and objectives in order to fully understand the project.

Project Brief

Identify the key goals and success factors for the project. Define client information such as the client's target audience(s), competitors, and how they plan to use the app.


Digital Strategy

The success of a web app project is largely determined by the strategy. Our development team will analyze all of the information gathered in the discovery phase and use that information to build a winning web app strategy.

Project Design Document

Organize information and data that was gathered during the discovery process and use it to create the blueprint of the web app. This document includes many detailed items such as features, database design, user experience, workflows and security.

Building a web app is similar to building a house; you can't build the house until the blueprint is complete.

Project Plan

Establish timelines, milestones and resources for the web app project while providing a clear roadmap to success.

Content Creation Plan

Build the plan around content creation. This is typically a blend of built-in content provided by the client and user generated content from within the app.


Content + Design

Our web apps are designed to be vibrant, easy to use and engaging with maximum impact. A great user experience will have your audience(s) coming back for more.


Collect content from the client that will be used in the app. Creating appropriate content can be a lenghty process and may delay the project if the required content is not delivered on schedule.


From wireframes to design concepts, our team will create vibrant and engaging designs that audiences will love. Our web apps are designed for maximum impact.

User Experience

The combination of a web app's design, content, and workflows make up the user experience. If your target audience doesn't have a positive experience they will most likely avoid using it.

The web app needs to be engaging and simple to use. We accomplish that by using visual calls to action, intuitive navigation, and consistent branding.


Build + Test

Once all of the previous phases are complete our skilled web app developers will roll up their sleeves and build the app based on the design specifications. The web application is then put through Alpha and Beta test cycles to ensure that the app is robust for launch.


Coding the web app based on the Project Design Document and approved Design concepts. Our web app developers follow best practice coding standards and use some of the most secure and trusted frameworks in the industry.


Once built the web app will go through various test cycles to identify and eliminate as many bugs as possible prior to launch. The testing phase will allow the client to experience the app for the first time.


Launch + Support

Launching the web application is an exciting time! All of the hard work between the Oracast team and the client has come to fruition, however it's not the end of our relationship. Through reliable support and a commitment to your success we strive to build a long-term relationship.


When the web app is ready to launch it is then migrated to a production environment.

Once the web app has been launched the project will wind down and come to an end while our support and account management teams take over.


Our support team will be ready to fix any post-launch bugs that may be discovered. Furthermore your account manager will be able to work with you on new features and app changes to make your web application even better.


Many of the web apps that we build for clients are for internal purposes, however, for web apps that are public-facing and require exposure, a digital marketing strategy will need to be implemented in order to build awareness, generate sign-ups, and stand out amongst your competitors.

Why Hire Us?

why hire Oracast web application development company

Delivering state-of-the-art web applications is exactly what we do! With more than 20 years of experience in designing, developing and supporting web apps of all sizes, we have proven ourselves to be one of the most reputable and reliable “one-stop” web application development companies in Canada. Many of our clients have been with us from the very beginning, back in early 2003, and we continue to serve them today; underscoring our commitment to building long-term partnerships.

Our highly skilled team of web application developers will turn your vision into a reality. We've been doing it for over 20 years and have saved our customers millions of dollars in the process. From simple ideas to complex applications that need to integrate with other systems, we have the necessary experience and competencies that you're looking for in a reliable web application development company. Contact us today and let's discuss your next project.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

testimonial - web application services
Kerry Rioux

Carwise Consulting

5 star Web Application Solutions

Web App Solutions - Testimonial*Look no further!* I had hired a lifelong friend to create a new web application for helping people understand vehicle warranty. 13 months and thousands of dollars later I was no closer to launching than I was when we started. In desperation I reached out to Oracast. Most assuredly one of my better decisions. Jes, Ryan and their team were phenomenal. Unfortunately, the program had originally been created in an outdated platform making future upgrades basically impossible. The solution was to start from basically scratch and rewrite the entire code in PHP which would save money in the long run. Oracast stuck to their original quote without complaint even though the task had become much, MUCH larger. The end result is a web application that is exponentially better than what I had hoped for and allows for substantial growth and flexibility going forward. Ryan spent literally DAYS on the phone with me, evenings and weekends included, to ensure that the application was everything I required and more. I was made to feel like a big fish in a little pond even though this was the opposite of reality. This group will be my 'go to' company permanently and I highly recommend them for whatever your requirements are. I cannot say enough great things about this company. Great people + great product = 100% lifelong customer loyalty! Do yourself a favour and hire them! You won't be disappointed.Go to web application company

Custom Web applications to meet your business needs
Joel Buhler

Melbern Vegetation

Web application services to increase efficiency

Excelent Web Application SolutionOur Company has worked with Oracast on a couple of projects over the past 2 years, where they have built us a system, specifically designed to meet the needs of our business. They have done an excellent job of understanding our needs, and have been creative in the solutions to the problems that we faced. The system that they built has raised our company's level of efficiency in the office and in the field. Oracast has continued to provide quick support when issues arise, and have always been great to deal with. We have appreciated our relationship with Oracast, and look forward to continuing to use their expertise in the future.Web applications specifically designed to meet the needs of your business

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