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We build websites that perform

Tick-tock! You have 5 seconds to keep a new visitor on your website. Our experienced team of website designers and web developers are here to make sure your visitors not only stay longer, but also turn into customers.

Not All Websites are Created Equal

responsive website design

Accurate planning is the most important step in a website project, whether it's a new website, a re-design, an e-commerce website or built on a content management system.

First we identify your goals. Do you want to generate leads? Online sales? Improve your brand's online visibility? Then, with your goals in mind, we formulate a winning plan that will deliver a visually stunning and practical website.

Once your website is launched, we remain committed to your success by providing timely website updates and effective digital marketing strategies.

How much does a website cost?

website design prices

Our web design prices typically start at $5,000 and go up from there, sometimes reaching over $100k depending on the project. There are various factors that influence the price of a website such as the number of pages, specific features or functionality that you require, design concepts and revisions to name a few.

Our experienced team of web developers will create a practical solution that will fit within your budget. We put a lot into your website and the results will show.

Is turning your goals into a reality worth the money? We certainly think it is.

Our process

Kick-Off + Discovery

Every website project starts with a kick-off and discovery phase where our team works together with client stakeholders to identify and understand the vision, goals, objectives, and other important details about the project.


Learn about the client's business, vision, goals and objectives in order to fully understand the project.

Project Brief

Identify the key goals and success factors for the project. Define client information such as the client's target audience(s) and competitors.


Digital Strategy

The success of a website project is largely determined by the strategy. Our web design and development team will analyze all of the information gathered in the discovery phase and use that information to build a winning website strategy.

Project Design Document

Organize information and data that was gathered during the discovery process and use it to create the blueprint of the website. This document includes many detailed items such as the site map, calls to action (CTAs), features, user experience and security.

Building a website is similar to building a house; you can't build the house until the blueprint is complete.

Project Plan

Establish timelines, milestones and resources for the website project while providing a clear roadmap to success.

Content Creation Plan

Build the plan around content creation. This is typically a blend of built-in content provided by the client and our copywriters.


Content + Design

Our websites are designed to be vibrant and engaging with maximum impact. A great user experience will have your audience(s) coming back for more.


Collect content from the client that will be used in the website. Creating appropriate content can be a lenghty process and may delay the project if the required content is not delivered on schedule.


From wireframes to design concepts, our team will create vibrant and engaging designs that audiences will love. Our websites are designed for maximum impact.

User Experience

The combination of a website's design, content, and navigation make up the user experience. If your target audience doesn't have a positive experience they will most likely leave.

The website needs to load fast, be engaging and provide visitors with a clear path to the information that they're looking for.


Build + Test

Once all of the previous phases are complete our skilled web developers will roll up their sleeves and build the website based on the design specifications. The website is then put through Alpha and Beta test cycles to ensure that the website is robust for launch.


Coding the website based on the Project Design Document and approved Design concepts. Depending on the website, it may be developed from scratch using PHP or built using a content management system such as WordPress.


Once built the website will go through various test cycles to identify and eliminate as many bugs or issues as possible prior to launch. The testing phase will allow the client to experience the website for the first time.


Launch + Support

Publishing the website for the world to see is an exciting time! All of the hard work between the Oracast team and the client has come to fruition, however it's not the end of our relationship. Through reliable support and a commitment to your success we strive to build a long-term relationship.


When the website is ready to launch it is then migrated to a production environment.

Once the website has been launched the project will wind down and come to an end while our support and account management teams take over.


Our support team will be ready to fix any post-launch bugs or issues that may be discovered. Furthermore your account manager will be able to work with you on new features or content opportunities to make your website even better.


Digital marketing strategies will need to be implemented in order to build awareness, generate leads, and stand out amongst your competitors.

Why Hire Us?

why hire Oracast website design company

There are plenty of website design companies out there, however many of them do not have the experience and capabilities that our team has acquired over the 16+ years that we've been in business. If you're looking for a one-stop web company that is cost-effective, experienced, reliable and provides great customer service and long-term support then you've come to the right place.

We work with clients of all sizes from start-ups to large corporations and government organizations. Many of the companies that we have worked with from the beginning, back in early 2003, are still with us today because they value our advice, honesty and hard work. We are a Google Partner and accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Website Design, maintenance and redevelopment
Nancy Neustaeter

Arboriculture Canada Training & Education Ltd.

Website design and maintenance

Website DesignOracast has been instrumental in the design, maintenance and redevelopment of 5 different websites for our businesses. I have found Oracast to be very responsive to my requests on a daily basis. Their response time to my questions, concerns and on-going development requests is quick, accurate and efficient. On a technical expertise and on a customer service level, their web services are second to none.Website Maintenance

Quick web design and support
Mike and Lisa Evans

P&P Powerskating

Web development and design

Website maintenance and designOracast has designed and maintains 3 of our web sites. They have second to none customer service, always available and willing to help. They are VERY quick to respond to any requests. We would recommend them to anyone in any industry looking for the BEST web design and support.Website customer support

Success Stories

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Website Development Success
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