Customizing Your WordPress Website

Categories: Web Design

With today’s ever growing reliance on social media and the internet, having a company website is a must. For business owners that wish to manage and maintain their own content, WordPress and other CMS (Content Management System) platforms come into play. These CMS platforms allow the company to have a website designed to their specifications while obtaining the ability to add, edit or remove content without any coding knowledge.


WordPress uses a visual interface that allows users to add, edit and remove pages or other elements to their website with the click of a button. The content editor works similar to a standard word processor such as Microsoft Word or Mac Pages; allowing the user to type the content into the page with the ability to bold or italicize text, add lists, links and pictures.


Custom WordPress Themes provide the ability to take this process one step further, allowing us to create multiple content areas on a single page, and/or separate different content types into different sections of the website. For example, the following image shows the integration of a custom post type called “Events”. The Events section allows the user to keep events separate from the other content areas and allows us to have different editable fields that are specific to this content type.










The image below shows an example of a content area that is created specifically for the “Events” section. We are able to have fields such as Date & Time or any other required fields.



The next image shows another content type created through a custom WordPress Template. This content type is set up to allow the user to create slider images and captions that will cycle on the home page of there website. As this image shows we are able to create content areas with multiple field types. In this image we see demonstrations of a simple text field used for the Slider Caption and an upload field for the Slider Image that allows the user to upload the image to the field from their computer or the media library that’s built-in to WordPress.



By seperating these content types into different sections of the website it allows us to accomplish numerous things.

  • Edit screen fields dependent on the content type
  • Allows content to be organized / sorted easier
  • Allows the creation of different content types such as:
    • Events
    • Slider Images
    • etc.


These are just a few examples of how you can customize your WordPress website. If you’re looking for a new content management system or need to customize your existing website please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help and ready to serve!