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The Story

Web Based Training

Shell Canada, one of the largest oil producers in the world, uses independent contractors in the field for virtually every aspect of their business. These contractors are required to meet the highest standards in health and safety as dictated by Federal and Provincial law; in addition to Shell Canada's own commitment to health and safety.

Training for these contractors has traditionally been classroom oriented; which is expensive (roughly $50 per contractor) and has limited their ability to train all of the contractors quickly. Furthermore, Shell Canada found that different instructors left contractors with different results in terms of standardized training. With each new person working for the contractor, he or she would have to be trained before going on-site and have their training record logged somewhere within Shell so that all divisions of Shell Canada could see that their training had been completed. In addition, Shell employees had a hard time determining if a contractor had the required safety ticket(s).

This system was very time consuming, expensive, and difficult to organize from within Shell; while leaving contractors with wait times for classroom sessions and inconsistent instructor training.

Actions by Oracast

Online Training Solution

Oracast and ICOM Productions, a company that specializes in online training videos, teamed up with our app developers to create a solution that solves their training issues. To address classroom wait times and get contractors trained immediately, we wanted to deliver online training over a standard internet browser; providing instant training from virtually anywhere in the world.

Data from the online training would be stored in a centralized database which would allow Shell Canada employees to access this data, in real-time, to easily see who was authorized to work on site.

Oracast created the Shell Canada Contractor Portal which is accessible by both Shell Employees and any public user that registers for an account. Public users have the ability to register and take Shell Canada's training while Shell Canada employees can connect to administer the system and/or gather information. Web-based training material that follows a simple set of guidelines can be added to the site by administrators at any time thus becoming available to registered users.

The Result

Custom Web Based Training

Shell Canada's Contractor Portal has been successful in delivering web-based training to contractors across the country reducing the number of classroom sessions needed and virtually eliminating the wait time for taking the training. This has resulted in a larger number of educated contractors available to work as needed. In addition, Shell Canada employees can now easily access the system to gather the necessary information before allowing a worker on-site; thus improving safety within the organization.

Client Feedback

Web Application Testimonial

Shell Canada

5 Star Web Application

Efficient Web ApplicationThe web application that Oracast built us has paid for itself hundreds of times over, and we continue to add features each year to improve our operations.Custom Web Training Application

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