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The Story

Effective Web Application

Mystery Shopping has become a critical aspect of their business for many large companies around the world. The data obtained from the mystery shops give businesses valuable insight into their operation so that intelligent decisions are made and issues can be addressed early. Every business needs a very unique tailored questionnaire to get the best results and all of these questionnaires need to be created with complex logic and then stored and reported on in a simple and convenient way.

Actions by Oracast

Web based reporting

PerformaLogics had been using a web-based system to manage the input and reporting of all data, however the system was antiquated and in-flexible; not to mention very cumbersome. For those reasons, Oracast was brought in to bid on the redevelopment of this system from the ground up with a list of new features and major improvements.

Starting with an in-depth analysis of PerformaLogics' business and understanding the major concerns with their existing system, Oracast worked closely with PerformaLogics to complete a product road map that would be the blueprint for the new application. After many months of hard work, Oracast was able to deliver their new custom web application and continue to provide updates and new features upon request.

The Result

Dynamic Web Application

With dynamic user dashboards and incredibly flexible reports, existing clients found new ways to get data easier, and faster, making the Baseline application a huge success. For PerformaLogics, the application has enabled them to grow business far beyond what would have been capable previously as new opportunities became available because of improved efficiency and a more flexible system. Business efficiency was improved dramatically as managers and administrators could now save and reuse key views and communicate efficiently with shoppers and clients all within the web based system.

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