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The Story

Web application success story

For multi-property organizations across North America, planning and budgeting the paving requirements for a large number of properties can be a daunting task. Determining the order of which properties need to get remediated and the level of remediation for the segments of an individual property is almost impossible without the right tools. Think of companies like The Home Depot that have properties all over the world and they need to manage the condition of their parking lots.

Actions by Oracast

web application services

Atlas10 worked with Oracast to design and build a web-based system that connects to an ESRI ArcGIS Server to consolidate the data in an easy-to-use interface with quick access to data and images taken on the survey properties. While data display is one of the primary capabilities, Oracast was also able to leverage the data to perform accurate calculations for the Pavement Construction Index giving additional insight into which segments require the most attention and allow the budgets to be shifted for various years.

Once budgets have been locked down for the current year, Oracast has worked with Atlas10 to start the bid process for potential paving companies to bid on across the continent, ensuring a complete end-to-end solution with the client's budget is always at the forefront.

The Result

Web application solutions

While still in its infancy, Atlas10 has been working with several key clients to refine the system to their specific needs and have been finding opportunities in many other industries. The next phase of the application adds much more functionality providing users more interaction and validation of data that may have been missed in the original collection and load onto the ESRI ArcGIS server along with reverse auction capabilities and much more.

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