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Custom Web Application
  • Improved accuracy of all financial data
  • Time reduced for client billing
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Invoice tracking
  • Field time ticket tracking
  • Fully accessible from anywhere
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The Story

Web Application Success Story

With the Oil and Gas industry and its ever-changing environment, Judd Environmental Consulting has to weather every storm and ride every wave as they come. While Fraser Judd was spending time running the business he knew there had to be a quicker way to accomplish some of the monthly business tasks like invoicing and time and equipment recording. Since doing these tasks manually was prone to error and was time consuming for all members of the organization, Fraser decided to find an alternative. Unfortunately none of the off-the-shelf products wouldn't meet Judd Environmental's needs so Oracast was called to help solve the problem.

Actions by Oracast

Web App Services

What Judd Environmental Consulting needed was a fully accessible web application that would allow the entire organization to access the data each member needed while allowing administrators additional access to have a complete overview and perform additional tasks. Since most work was done remotely and the business was always changing, Oracast was contracted to build an application that would reduce data entry errors and calculation errors, while keeping all data centralized so it could be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

The Result

Web App Solutions

After a lot of testing and a couple small changes, Judd Environmental Consulting has quickly attained thier ROI. Data that might at one time been missed is now accurately tracked and billed back greatly reducing the human error factor. By implementing their custom web application, Judd Environmental has become much more efficient while increasing the productivity of their staff. The web application has become an integral part of their daily business routines.

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