Content: The Minimum Your Business Website Needs

website content

With all the hype surrounding content marketing, it can feel like an uphill battle for many small business owners. Content marketing is an online strategy to attract new customers through producing quality content on a continual basis and publishing that content online. This strategy is an effective approach to search engine optimization and utilizing platforms such as social media.

Many business websites however, are lacking even basic website content. A website is the primary face of your business online and content is a preeminent part of your online presence.

It’s crucial for business websites to have at least the bare minimum in website content to build a foundation. What basic content does your website need? We’ve put together a list:

What Do You Offer? When a visitor lands on your website, the first thing they need to know is what your business offers. This can be as short as a headline at the top of your homepage or a few paragraphs describing who you are and what you offer.

What’s in it for them? Tell your website visitors what’s in it for them. This can be followed up with a bullet point list or several paragraphs on the benefits of your products and services.  What are the primary benefits you want to communicate?

More About Your Company: It’s a great idea to have an About Us page explaining more about what your company does and why clients should work with you. You can also add pages on your team and careers within the company.

Products / Services: Depending on your business, you will most likely benefit from a “Products / Services” page with optimized descriptions of what you offer.

Blog: Having a blog on your company website which you update on a regular basis will keep your clients visiting your site again and again. Having a website with dynamic content and focused topics is a key to improving search engine rank. Blog content can be shared in wider circles such as on social media to expand your business reach even further.

FAQ’s: Answering the popular questions you receive from clients will help your search engine ranking and solve questions website visitors may have.

Testimonials and Success Stories: “Facts tell, stories sell”. Never underestimate the power of positive testimonials! These can be sprinkled through-out your website or you may have a portfolio page showcasing your work.

Contact Us: This is an obvious page to include on your website along with a Google map and your location keywords. You may want to include the main ways visitors can contact your business in the header and footer of your website, such as a phone number or link to a contact form.

Of course, the more content the better for search engine optimization. Start with the basics and add to it from there.

All the best with your content creation! If you need to hire a content writer to get your website on track, don’t hesitate to contact us.