Google +1 Has Arrived For Your Site

It’s here, but apparently its not perfect… Users are running into a few kinks in the early stages of the release. Google +1 is yet another attempt to make Google more social. It’s Google’s version of the Facebook “likes” & to me reeks of desperation in the fast paced social media world we live in. A simple feature that’s very powerful because it’s part of a social network.

Google will show +1 buttons next to all search results and ads, while encouraging other sites to include the buttons. All +1’s are public and they’re tied to Google Profiles. The goal is to use this data to personalize search results and ads by recommending sites +1’d by your friends. Google Social Search already does this, but there’s no support for Facebook likes, so Google had to come up with a substitute. Truth is consumers trust each-other and the masses on social medial networks.

So whether this succeeds with flying colors or fails to catch on, business can’t risk not adding this application to their site. There is rumblings when adding this new feature it will help your overall page rank.  This Video a minute in length gives Google’s explanation of the features & benefits of Google +1. If you are feeling up to the task of adding the tags to your own site here are the instructions. If you need us at Oracast to assist, give us a call or email and we would be happy to help!