We are hiring – Web and Mobile App Developers


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Yep! You read it right. Oracast is hiring a couple full time developers for our Kelowna office. In a perfect world we could find someone with experience in both however one of each mobile app developer and web app developer will work. If you are someone that may fit the bill or know someone else that may fit the bill please send them our way. You can have a look at both complete adds on our website careers section here: https://www.oracast.com/company/careers.php

If the post is still up in the careers section then we are still looking.

Is Your Website Ready?


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Here are a couple of key questions to ask yourself about your website as you approach the holiday season. Answer each question honestly and then use the answers to improve your holiday marketing strategy.

What types of offers and campaigns will you run and why? (Here’s a few ideas last minute marketing ideas)

How much traffic did your website receive last year, and what are 5 ways you can drive more traffic to your website this year?

What were last year’s conversion rates? What are 5 ways you can improve upon those?

What changes can be made to your website to increase conversion rates, increase traffic and reflect the holiday season? Make a list.

Are your web pages “up to speed” with quick load-times and checkout times? (Talk to your hosting company if you are not happy with load-times to see what can be done in speed it up.)

What feedback did you receive last year you can implement this year to improve the shopping experience and customer service for your clients?

How can you get to know your customers better this season?

7 Marketing Tips To Gobble Over This Thanksgiving


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Send Thank You Cards

Thank you cards go a long way in making your clients feel special and appreciated. While it’s always a good time for a thank you card, Thanksgiving is an excellent time to tie it into the spirit of being Thankful. Thank your clients for working with you this year. Go a step further by making a list of your best clients and add a hand written note to your cards.

Give Back

Thanksgiving is a great time to give back to the community. This can be through donating to a charity or by getting your team involved in helping out a family with a meal. Giving back builds moral and spreads the holiday cheer and shows your commitment to the community you are a part of.

Reflect The Festive Season In Your Graphics

Add a little Thanksgiving flair to your website and social media profile images, or even your logo. Even simple and subtle changes are enough to send out that thanksgiving vibe. Pumpkins, turkeys and fall leaves are very popular this festive time of year.

Host a Competition

Get customers involved by hosting a competition. This idea, for example, is a win-win. Have your clients let you know what products they are most thankful for this year and get them to submit their answers along with a snapshot of the product. Launch the competition through social media and then pick a winner! Most people love the chance to win great prizes and you’ll get a lot of positive word-of-mouth exposure. If customers hit the share button, your business will get even more free advertising. Don’t forget to post the lucky winners on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

A Chance To Show Thankfulness

Ask your customers and your company employees to share festive photos of what means the most to them this thanksgiving. Thankful words and images of family members or pets is always uplifting and it shows the human side of your brand.

Thank Your Clients Online

Say thank you to your clients by featuring their businesses on your website and social media pages. This is another win-win idea as featuring your clients can gain them potential new clients, as well as it shows your appreciation and community spirit. (Ask permission first!)

Offer a Discount

Start off the season by offering a deal on your products and services. With Christmas right around the corner, this is a great time to grab some extra attention and attract new customers. Advertise the promo by saying thank you to customers for supporting your business.

Best Ways To Send Large Files


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Clients often need to send us high quality photos, videos and documents during the website and app development process and these can sometimes result in some pretty large file sizes. There are many options when it comes to transfering large files over the internet. Here are our top picks for transfering large files online that are easy and won’t cost you a penny.

Compress Your Files

It’s best to avoid trying to send huge files over email as it can cause hang ups and delay’s and most email services have a file size limit of 20MB. If you have documents you’d like to send and you are finding them a bit too large for email, compress them into a smaller size. If you have more than one file, zipping them all together can simplify the process. Once your files have been compressed, check the file size to determine the best way to send them.

Here is the quick fix to creating .zip files:

Windows Mac
  1. Find the file you want to compress
  2. Right click on it and select “Send To”
  3. Choose “Compressed (zipped) Folder”
  1. Find the file you want to compress
  2. Two-finger click/command+click on the file
  3. Select “Compress …”

Of course, even after files are compressed they may still be too big to send over email. Espcially when sending jpeg’s and png files, compression doesn’t always reduce file size by a whole lot. A simple method for sending files over 20MB is through a file-sharing web service (or cloud storage service).

Upload to a Cloud Storage Service

Instead of (or in addition to) compressing your files, you can upload them to an online cloud storage service where your recipient can download them. The free accounts do have space limitations, so sending an HD movie this way won’t work for free, but it is a great option for sharing high quality photos and documents.

Dropbox is the most popular file transfer option. It offers 5GB of storage space for free and a variety of sharing options and is very easy to use. All you do is simply create a free account, drag and drop your files into the ‘dropbox’ area and click share to generate the link to send to your desired recipient. Your recipent then simply clicks the link and downloads the files. Easy!

Google Drive is another super popular option for sharing big files, though it also caps the free space at 5GB of storage. It’s likely you already have a google account, and you can access Google Drive and Google Docs from there. Similar to the interface of DropBox, you can drag and drop files and sync them with your Google space. One big advantage to Google Docs is it gives you the option of collaborating on a document instead of just sharing it.

Mediafire offers  10GB of free storage, but it limits file uploads to 200MB so it’s not great for transfering video files. It’s available for iPhone, Android, OSX, Windows, and Web.

There are endless companies providing file transfer services. The above are simply a few of the most popular.

For complete control over file sharing, you can set-up your own private FTP server using free software like FileZilla.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

FTP is designed to transfer large files between computers or a network. When you download and set this up on your computer, you can share a directory by providing your recipient with a network address and password (they will also need to download the software you are using to their computer however). This option is not as intuitive for the non-tech savvy as the other options mentioned above, however, it does allow you to remove files and access at anytime giving you more control. We recommend Filezilla as it is free and supports a wide range of transfer protocols and runs on a Mac, Windows and Linux operating system.

If you’re still unsure what method to use to send us your files, simply ask your project manager, and they will be able to assist you.

Top Strategies For Growing Your Email List in 2016


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There are many channels to take when marketing a business online. Implementing several marketing tactics that all work together produce the best results for attracting new clients. This includes search engine optimization, content marketing, social media, blogging, pay-per-click advertising, and email marketing. Building a client list (or prospective client list) by capturing email addresses remains a top priority for marketers. This should be considered as you build your website and create your overall business marketing strategy.
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Why Your Site Is At Risk Of Being Hacked


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There are over 8 million results in Google for the keywords “recover hacked wp site”. Why is website security such a huge issue, and what’s in it for the hackers anyway?

Many website owners assume hackers are always after sensitive information like credit card numbers, personal data and lists of email addresses. While such sensitive information certainly gets targeted, there are a huge host of reasons why hackers compromise websites. Any site could be a risk, no matter what your site is for or how much traffic you have.

The problem of a hacked website is more common than you may imagine. In fact, if you don’t have the latest version of WordPress and haven’t taken some precautionary measures to ward off attackers, chances are your site will at some point get hacked. Even with safe-guards in place, there is no guarantee your site will not be compromised, but with care, the chances can be greatly reduced.
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SEO – Positioning Yourself In 2016


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I’ve been in the web industry for the past 10 years, and over that time, there have been many changes in they way Google ranks websites, displays content and what they offer their users. The core theory of SEO (search engine optimization) is essentially the same, only Google has become smarter in the way they rank websites and many more factors need to be considered these days.

As with all things digital, strategies that worked in the past, don’t work forever and there are many new influences on the scene.

Optimizing your website using the traditional methods of keywords, back links, title tags and website structure is all still valid and important. Mainly SEO has expanded to include user experience, higher quality content and a ‘bigger picture’.

Be In More Places

Google wants to offer their users as many options as possible. Search engine results may yield social media sites, Google My Business, click to call phone numbers, hours of operation, Google Maps and Google answers ahead of other sites. This is where having an online presence on other platforms (as well as your own website) is important. This means having social media accounts, listings on local sites, a Google My Business account and a website your visitors love and talk about online.

Quality Content

User experience is of high priority to Google.  The focus is content marketing that meets user needs. Content must be unique and cater to your specific audience. This has led to more engaging and shareable media such as video, infographics, unique photography, and readability factoring into today’s SEO strategy.

“The reality is search engines are getting much smarter. The content creator is having a lot less control over how their pages are showing up and what words they’re showing up for.” Martin Laetsch, director of online marketing at Beaverton


Mobile is part of the user experience of today. Your website needs to be accessible, responsive and readable on mobile devices in order for your site to show up on a mobile search. This will impact how Google ranks your site. The use of apps is also on the rise, and having links to apps also helps SEO.

Now What?

There are many factors that influence SEO. It can seem overwhelming for businesses to ‘be everywhere’ online, produce quality content and keep up social media while running a business. Online success is best built over time with a solid strategy and marketing plan. Keeping all cylinders firing will result in the best online branding for your business, and if you are finding you simply do not have the time to invest, we’re here to be your partners for online growth!

Make an Irresistible Call To Action


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Here at Oracast, we talk a lot about Calls To Action, usually abbreviated to CTA’s.

What is a call to action? A call to action is a button, an image or text that prompts the visitor to take the next step, or in other words, to take action. The action could be anything from clicking on the link, signing up, buying an item, downloading an ebook, whatever your goal is for your visitors to do on that page of the website will help you determine your call to action for that page.

In the website development process at Oracast, we encourage a call to action on each page of the website. It’s usually best to have only one clear call to action per page, but there are some instances where you may have more than one.
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You’ve Got Mail. Emails That Make an Impact


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Email is the most used product on earth, and email marketing is still one of the best ways to market to clients and subscribers. It’s not about spamming everyone with emails these days, but taking a much more focused approach with targeted recipients, and of course, following the laws of the land which require opt-ins.

It is not a dyeing marketing strategy as some claim. Far from that, it is still a very effective tool and we predict it will continue to be an important aspect of marketing for years to come. This is because it gets results and it is also very cost effective. Email marketing updates clients and subscribers on news, tips and advice and can build a deeper relationship with clients while keeping your business ‘top of mind’.

While email marketing can be a very effective tool, your emails need to be crafted in such a way that they do not feel spammy. How do you do this? By building trust in your clients and giving them real value. Good email content should give targeted recipients quality niche information they would appreciate and would share with others. Good emails can also offer exclusive subscriber discounts, making them feel important and giving them a great deal at the same time.

Not sure where to start for your business? It can be hard to find truly inspirational examples of excellent emails, unless you subscribe to countless email lists, however, hubspot.com has done the work for us and compiled a fun list of emails that made an impact. Here is a sneak peak at a few of them:

sample email

mothers day sample email

sample email from poppin

The rest of the email examples can be found here: http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/email-marketing-examples-list

Success is dependent on the quality of articles and unique presentation. Looking at these email examples can be a great way to get your creative juices flowing and be helpful in seeing which emails are read and appreciated by recipients.

Need a marketing strategy? Oracast can help! Contact us today.