Future Of Search: Quality of Websites Is On The Rise

Julian Grainger, An Expert in the SEO field says it best. “Google’s future is moving toward modeling human opinion. (PR) Page-Rank was a voting system for websites by websites. Now we are moving to a popularity system. Power to the people.”

SEO MOZ conducted their annual study of the 2011 Search Engine Ranking Factors polling 132 professionals in the industry on their thoughts of present and future of Search Engine Optimization. Over the pages of this document, you’ll see segmentation of the search ranking algorithm into various components like “page-specific, link-level features,” or “domain-level, keyword-agnostic features.”

In the section labeled “Predictions & Opinions > Future of Search” listed this chart:

Future of Search

If you work your way from the top down, the biggest factor on your websites performance and placement will be determined by the quality of content and the value perceived  by its users. Right from the horses mouth, The quality of a website is primarily a makeup of 2 things. Design Concepts & uniqueness compared to others in your industry & superior content & information to your competition. If your site is trusted by users and giving them a great experience then your ranking should be strong.

The next 2 factors are linked directly how your business is bridging social media outlets. Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter. The graphic below shows the social metric influence values from a page level. For the average person, If you don’t have Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn pointing to your site, It will become website suicide very soon.

Page Level Social Metrics

Is there still value in the “old ways” of domain & meta manipulation, for the short term, sure. But Google seems to be recognizing the flaws and anything Google does, Yahoo & Bing follow suit. Domain strategy will be a thing of the past very soon & it is our job as Search Engine Professionals to ensure your business is ahead of the curve. Call us today for a free consultation.