Popular Edmonton Ski Club Website online!

Categories: Oracast News

With winter quickly approaching and ski clubs ramping up for the new season, it’s no wonder that Snow Valley Ski Club needed to have a fresh look for their website before October. While the marketing department tried to make updates last year, they knew that some changes needed to be made to provide the flexibility necessary to keep content fresh and visitors coming to the website.

Come take a look at www.snowvalley.ca to see all of the changes and get a first look at what’s new at Snow Valley Ski Club. Here is just a quick list of the changes:

  • Events Calendar tied into Google Calendars allowing exports to visitors own calendaring software
  • Google Map and Google Directions for visitors or tourists that have never been there
  • Rotating banner ads allowing promotions and future ad space for additional revenue
  • Current and future weather pulled dynamically so no more reading and updating the weather manually every hour
  • Lightbox dynamic view of photos in the gallery for a better user experience and simpler maintenance
  • Much, much more!